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On the day of Baisakhi Purnima (June 04 as per Nanakshahi Calendar), a fair is held at the premises of Gurudwara Reetha Sahib, Champawat, Uttara Khand. Gurudwara is located at the confluence of the Lodhiya and Ratiya rivers at village Deyuri. It was constructed in the year 1960. The temple of Devnath is also located beside the Gurudwara.


Map of the area of Gurdwara Reetha Sahib and Gurdwara Nanak Matta

Gurdwara Reetha Sahib is located at a crow fly distance of about 60 km to the North of Gurdwara Nanak Matta, Uttra khand. This distance by motor able road is about 209 km.  It is also located at a distance of about 166 km from Tanakpur, the last railway station on Bareilly-Tanakpur section.  From Dhunaghat (on the Lohaghat -Devidhura road) the Gurdwara is located at a distance of 72 km from Champawat. Nearest Air port to the Gurdwara is Pant Nagar at a distance of 121 km (via Khatima Nanakmatta). The altitude of Gurdwara is about 3000 Mts. This place is cold during winters and pleasant in summers. Gurdwara can be approached by using Jeeps/Taxis/Ponies/Dandi.


Guru Nanak having discussion with Siddhs (Enlightened people)

The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev had visited this place. He had a spiritual discussion with the Gorakhpanthi Jogis(saints), who lived at this place. Guru tried to guide them to serve the mankind along with meditation.


Guru Nanak turning bitter Reetha to sweet

When Bhai Mardana asked Guru Nanak for food, the Guru instructed him to request the yogis for the same. Yogis denied the food and asked Bhai Sahib to approach Guru Nanak if he considered that the Guru possessed the true spiritual power. Guru Nanak Dev miraculously changed the normally bitter fruit of a Sapindus emarginatus (Reetha) tree sweet to enable Bhai Mardana to eat it.


Reetha Tree at Gurdwara Reetha Sahib, Champawat, Uttrakhand

A Sapindus emarginatus tree (not the original one) is still located at that place. The fruits of this tree are   given as Prasad (blessing) to the pilgrims. There is a tract of land located at a distance of about ten km from the Grudwara, where such trees are planted to replenish the Gurdwara’s stock of prasad. It is called Nanak Bagichi (garden). Accommodation is available at the Gurdwara Campus for the pilgrims. The Phone Numbers of the gurdwara are 09456394242 and 05965-227601



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